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In January, 2023, The Benedict Institute of Learning was happy to sponsor a repair project at the Mothers’ Union Children’s Home in San Fernando. Mr. Benedict paid for the replacement of 20 broken windows.


Christmas, 2021 The Benedict Institute of Learning continues to support the Hope Centre in San Fernando. Mattresses were purchased to assist in meeting the needs of the orphanage.


The Benedict Institute of Learning sponsored the science kits for the 2021 Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago Virtual Camp. Mr. Benedict also voluntarily taught the science segment, which consisted of activities such as extracting DNA from a banana, making a homemade lava lamp and testing foods for fats.

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Trinidad and Tobago and is one of the world's largest nesting sites for the leatherback turtle. The Benedict Institute of Learning recognizes and supports the ongoing efforts of our citizens of Grande Riviere who have developed a sustainable program for the conservation of these remarkable reptiles. We are proud to have sponsored the 2019 annual turtle collection program that consisted of children from the Grande Riviere community. These outstanding youths of our beautiful country spent many days on the beach protecting the hatchlings and supervised their safe journey to the water. Needless to say, their efforts will have a sterling impact on Trinidad's vision for a sustainable and developed tourism economy. Moreover, the project fosters citizenship, responsibility and dedication amongst our nation's children. Benedict is on board, and intends to be a continuous annual sponsor of this inspirational event.

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The St. Benedict's College premiership cricket team was outfitted with gears and provided with cases of sports drinks to start off their 2019 SSCL season. The Benedict Institute of Learning realizes the need to support sports due to its invaluable contribution in developing and sustaining a stable and productive society. We would like to wish all of the SSCL teams a safe, exhilarating and prosperous season!

The Benedict Institute of Learning opened its doors to 50 students from the San Fernando East Secondary School during the month of October, 2016. Classes were held five days per week, and were offered on a tuition-free basis. SFESS was unfortunately closed due to electrical problems, and students were out of classes for a significant period of time. As long as the doors of SFESS were closed, those of the Benedict Institute of Learning remained open. Its commitment to the community has been and continues to be a central priority and we are proud to provide relief services when special circumstances arise.


The Benedict Institute of Learning is proud to be a sponsor of the St. Benedict's Football Program. In 2019 the under-13, 14, 16 and premiership teams were provided with all of the water for the entire season, as well as certificates, stationery, lunches and dinners. We recognize the need to inject time and finances into community and national sporting programs so that our youngsters can be afforded the necessary resources to capitalize on their abilities both on and off the field.


The Benedict Institute of Learning is committed to providing support to children who reside in orphanages in the community. In 2019 we purchased dining room furniture and gifts for the children, and our students have shown a genuine interest in returning multiple times in 2020. Moreover, orphans who are writing the S.E.A. exam will be afforded tuition-free classes. We believe that acts of charity and generosity can be transmitted from individual to individual, especially through observational learning, and can create a positive and lasting impression on our children when they become adults.



Hope Centre Bound. Christmas 2020.