An Intervention Facility For At Risk Children

Building a Civilization Through Leadership, Inspiration and Passion

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The Benedict Institute of Learning operates upon the primary objective of fostering the values required for leadership in a developing nation. Pedagogy is centered around a multidimensional platform, including academic, social, cultural, spiritual and individual growth. Students are nurtured in an environment that facilitates accelerated learning, critical thinking, competitiveness, inspiration through example and a passion for public service. The academic programs are continuously evolving to enhance the learning modalities required for an expanding heterogeneous student population, and are dedicated to identifying and nurturing the unique and innate gifts of every child. Ultimately, it is the institute's intention to generate productive, responsible, innovative and passionate citizens to vanguard the extraordinary Republic of Trinidad and Tobago through the 21st century.

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Since its opening in May 2011, the institute has expanded not only in student enrollment, but also in its academic portfolio. The number of subjects offered has doubled in the last five years, and it is expected that by the end of 2016, a full C.S.E.C. certificate program will be offered to home-schooled students, including adults. Plans are underway to provide future students with the most comprehensive physical environment, which includes a cafeteria, recreation area, library, computer and science laboratories. Students' exposure to laboratory techniques and technologies will be the central axle for learning, and it will be the institute's primary objective to supplement the prescribed C.S.E.C. laboratory curriculum with that of tertiary level exercises. This will continue our commitment to fostering a competitive and accelerated learning environment.


Telephone: (868) 330-2971
Address: 21 Scrimgeour Street, San Fernando, Victoria Trinidad, West Indies